Why Are Fire System Specialists Necessary?

Fire System Specialist Solutions

Fire suppression systems play a crucial role in protecting your commercial facility, critical assets, and occupants of a facility from the risks of fire damage or injury. A fire can spark in an instant and spread out of control within seconds, causing irreparable and costly damage or even injury or loss of life.

As each work site is different and poses unique fire hazards, selecting the most appropriate fire protection system requires detailed evaluation of the risk by a fire system specialist. Experienced and skilled specialists that are registered with The South African Qualification & Certification Committee for the Fire Industry are able to assess the current and future needs of your business, and design a tailored solution to provide you with the most effective fire protection.

Industry Specific Fire Protection

With the exception of Low Pressure Water Mist Suppression Systems, fire suppression systems do not use water. Instead of using water, these systems use a gaseous extinguishing agent to contain and  suppress fires.

Many industries operate under conditions susceptible to water damage, making gaseous fire suppression systems a more viable solution.


Data Centres 

Data centres have become the backbone of most businesses in an ever-growing digital world. Data centre disruptions and downtime can have serious consequences, leaving employees unable to carry out their work and customers unable to connect to their service provider.

To ensure maximum service uptime and business continuity, fire protection in data centres is critical. Fires that break out in data centres can lead to damage of critical infrastructure and permanent loss of valuable data and information.

Server rooms and data centres contain extensive cabling and equipment, posing electrical fire risks from defective equipment, short circuits and overheating which makes it a Higher-Class A classification. To protect data centres from fire damage, electronically non-conductive clean agent systems can be used such as HFC227ea, FK-5-1-12, and IG-541 fire suppression systems.


Mining Fire System Specialists

Mine sites are high-risk working environments with many fire hazards that have to be prevented and controlled. Fires in mines can ignite from a number of sources such as open flames from cutting and welding equipment, sparks, electrical short-circuits, self-heating of coal, machinery hot surfaces and friction that can initiate a fire.

Part of the mining process includes the use, handling, and storage of flammable and combustible materials which are fire hazards that need to be managed properly. The outbreak of fires in mines threatens the safety of operators, damages expensive equipment, and results in costly disruptions to production and business continuity.

Mining sites often use gaseous fire suppression systems or water mist systems to manage and control ever-present fire hazards. Our fire system specialists are able to determine which system will provide you with the most suitable mining fire protection.

Warehouse and Cold Storage

Warehouse Fire System Specialists

Warehouses and cold storage facilities are used to store a variety of products including electronics, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs and other types of inventory. As every warehouse stores different products and has unique fire safety requirements, it is imperative to partner with fire system specialists to ensure reliable and effective warehousing fire protection.

A lot of the technology, machinery, and panelling used in cold storage facilities pose fire risks capable of causing costly damage to the facility and the assets being stored in the facility. The air within cold storage facilities is extremely dry, which makes it a conducive environment for a fire to start and rapidly spread out of control. Inert gas total flooding systems can be used to control and contain any fire incidents that may occur in these environments. Our selector valve systems are used to distribute one common supply of Inergen® to multiple protected areas utilising only one cylinder bank, providing effective fire protection in cold storage facilities.

Fire system specialists are required to do regular risk assessments to determine fire hazards and ensure your storage facility complies with fire safety regulations. In accordance with South African National Standards (SANS) derived from the ISO Standard or NFPA standards depending on country or specific requirements, warehouses are required to have scheduled inspection testing and maintenance of fire protection systems done to ensure that all systems will work properly when needed.


For these and all other industries, our fire system specialists are able to assist in total turnkey solutions including, risk assessment, designing, manufacturing, and installation (upon request or using our reputable partner network) of the most appropriate fire suppression system for your specific fire protection need.


Our Fire System Services

Part of the duties of a fire systems specialist is to perform regular fire safety inspections of a building or worksite to identify risks and fire hazards. Once a risk assessment has been carried out, engineers and technicians can design and install a fire suppression system that will provide the best protection against fire hazards.

Ongoing fire system maintenance is necessary to ensure that a fire suppression system is supported throughout its lifetime. Fire suppression systems require regular servicing for optimal performance and full functionality in the event of a fire.

Fire system services include room integrity testing to test room tightness and air leakage. Room integrity tests are done to ensure that the gas released from a fire suppression system is held for the duration as specified in the national standards to extinguish a fire in an enclosure.

Upon inspection fire system cylinders may require refilling and revalidation services. Our fire system specialists are able to assist with all gas cylinder refilling services required for optimal fire system performance.

Why We Are Fire System Specialists

Fire system specialists inspecting a worksite

With over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the fire protection industry, Fire & Security Techniques has established itself as a leading supplier of fire suppression systems throughout Africa. We are a dedicated team that ensures that all of our solutions are backed with ongoing support from qualified fire system specialists.

FST hosts an in-house steel seam welded cylinder manufacturing facility with an engineering workshop that is ISO9001/ISO3837 accredited  and holds a SABS Product Mark. This allows us to meet the demand for quality, reliable, and tailor-made cylinders with specialist advice in selecting the right fire suppression system to meet your needs. We are a registered SADC Export company; therefore, our cylinders qualify for certain custom duty discounts. After many years of operating as a trusted fire equipment supplier, FST has evolved into an OEM providing quality products and equipment.

Our expert team of fire system specialists are SAQCC registered, ensuring that all fire suppression system designs, installations, and maintenance are carried out according to the correct standards and procedures. We also hold the BSI Kitemark™ for our fire suppression system designs, ensuring no detail is overlooked and that you are provided the most accurate and reliable information.

Fire Protection from Cape to Cairo 

Centrally based in Johannesburg South Africa, we connect, support and train a network of independent fire service providers across Africa. FST provides internationally approved fire equipment and suppression systems, together with all the technical, commercial and backup support required to maintain these systems. We have key distribution partners located throughout Africa that are able to assist with fire system installation and maintenance in accordance with international quality standards.

Fire and Security Techniques

Installing and maintaining fire suppression systems that are suited to your unique application needs ensures a facility and its occupants are sufficiently protected against costly fire damages.

Fire and Security Techniques provides you with expert designing, manufacturing, and servicing of fire suppression systems and fire equipment. All of our systems are backed with ongoing services from fire system specialists to ensure that fire suppression systems are supported throughout their lifetime.