Important Announcement to the Fire Protection Industry

Technoswitch has recently announced that it will be streamlining its offering and, as a result, will no longer be distributing FST fire suppression products. On the other hand, however, FST will continue to distribute the Technoswitch range of fire detection products.

The two parties have confirmed the above change after a mutually beneficial relationship of almost two years, and this decision has come at a time when FST has decided to widen its channel strategy in the fire suppression industry.

While continuing to work closely with our existing distribution network, FST will supply and support our system installers and integrators directly.

Apart from increasing the supply options available to our clients, the additional choices of where the products can be purchased will result in increased service levels and access to FST’s technical team. There will thus be no disruption in the supply chain as a result of this change, and clients will be able to contact us for the following products and services:

  • Training and support
  • System design
  • System commissioning
  • Risk assessment
  • Room integrity testing
  • Gas Suppression products (IG541, HFC227, FK 5-1-12)
  • Fire Detection products
  • Low-Pressure Water-Mist solutions


Concerning the above changes and to nurture the relationship, a representative of FST will contact you soon and update you on our latest product offerings and the discount structure on offer.