Sonos LED Beacon


Sonos LED Beacon: A versatile beacon for fire and security with quick installation, weatherproofing, and a large lens for enhanced light spread; available in various colors.


Sonos LED Beacon


A general purpose beacon for fire, security, and industrial applications. Connections are made to the TimeSaver base during the initial wiring phase, resulting in faster and more reliable installations. The sounder head ‘twists and clicks’ into the base on commissioning, avoiding the wiring and connection problems associated with traditional sounders.

Deep base units have weatherproof protection to IP65 and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The Sonos Beacon utilises a full-faced, translucent case which provides a much larger lens area and a greater spread of light.

Sonos Beacon units have a deep or shallow red colour base as standard and are available with a red or amber (amber on special order) lens.

Energy-Efficient LED Beacon with Easy Installation and Weatherproof Options

Sonos Beacon Features:

High efficiency LED beacon consumes less than 5 mA. Simple ‘First Fix’ installation (no second fix wiring). Shallow Base: Weatherproof to IP21. Deep Base: Weatherproof to IP65. Synchronised flash.

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