SAQCC Training

Our training solution is perfect for anyone that wants to get a better understanding of the fire protection industry and the equipment FST supply.
While also getting the skills and knowledge to tackle bigger projects.


SAQCC Verified and Approved Training Facility

We have an SAQCC verified and approved training facility and are a specialist fire and suppression company in South Africa, providing courses in HFC-227ea and lnergen® system installation, in addition to practical training. Our training instructor is not only a theoretical expert but also has hands-on installation experience.

Our fire systems training program is now in full swing and courses are covering both ECKOSHIELD® HFC 227ea and INERGEN®.

COSTS ARE R2500.00  for three days of training and includes training material and lunches.

Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems HFC 227ea / Inergen® Training Course



Module Contents Objective
Day 1 Session 1 Introduction to fire and fire extinguishing techniques.
Limitations of gas
System Types
Eckoshield® HFC 227ea gas agent
What is a fire
How to extinguish a fire
Learn Eckoshield® HFC 227ea, the agent
Day 1 Session 2 System components Identifying the Eckoshield® HFC 227ea
gas system components.
Day 2 Session 3 Installing an Eckoshield® HFC 227ea gas system How to install an Eckoshield® HFC 227ea
gas system
Day 2 Session 4 Hazards of an Eckoshield® HFC 227ea gas system
Commissioning procedures
Inspection procedures
Servicing Documentation
Room Integrity Test
Knowing the dangers of an Eckoshield® HFC 227
is a gas system.
How to commission and service an
Eckoshield® HFC 227 is a gas system
Why? And How it works
24/7 On-line quoting system
Day 3 Session 5 Inergen®
How to install an Inergen® gas system