Fire Suppression Equipment Servicing

Our swap out solution is a safe and convenient way to ensure that your assets remain protected whilst maintaining quality of the fire suppression system.

Fire protection systems require regular servicing and maintenance for the system to function appropriately; poor maintenance can lead to faulty components, leaks and could make the fire system redundant. It is always vital to ensure that lifesaving equipment functions to the best of its capacity to prevent disastrous events from occurring.

Fire Suppression Equipment Servicing Man Attending To Gas Cylinders


Fire Suppression Equipment Servicing:

  • Cylinder refill
  • Hydrostatic testing and internal inspection of cylinders
  • Valve, discharge hose, component repair/replacement
  • Cylinder revalidation services

FST offer fire equipment services on the following systems:

Fire Suppression Equipment Servicing Laptop


Find a registered SAQCC technician

FST does not provide maintenance or servicing of onsite suppression systems. However, we can assist you if you are unsure if your system has been serviced or not.

*All inspections are to be done by a registered SAQCC technician.