Fire Detection Systems

Fire detection systems are a network of integrated devices that use sensing technologies to detect the presence of a fire. Fire detectors use heat and smoke sensors to detect a fire during its early stages of development.

When a fire is detected, a signal gets sent to the fire control panel and fire alarms are triggered. FST provides all of the products and devices required to install a complete fire alarm system.


Ancillary Products

We supply a variety of ancillary products that function to support fire detection systems.

Our ancillary products include battery units and power supplies, fire resistant cables and cable clips, smoke and heat detector testing equipment, fire door magnetic hold open units, fire interface units, and more.

ABS Enclosure


Manual Call Points

The manual call point allows individuals to raise an alarm in the event of a fire by pressing on a marked element to activate the alarm system.


Designed to achieve maximum visibility and easy access, the fire alarm manual call point is equipped with a transparent hinged cover to prevent accidental triggering.


Extinguishing Panels

Extinguishing control panels are used for detecting and extinguishing fires within a protected area.

These fire control panels are able to detect fires, sound alarms, and control the release of an extinguishing agent.


Heat & Smoke Point Detection

Our range of smoke and heat point detection systems utilises proven sensing technologies including optical smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and heat detectors.

These smoke and heat detectors can be integrated into fire and security systems to alert you once a fire has been detected.


Fire Resistant Cable

Fire-resistant cables with halogen-free compounds are mainly used to install fire alarm and emergency evacuation systems where long-term electrical circuits are required under fire conditions and to prevent loss of life and property. These cables are suitable for outdoor and underground applications when installed in conduits or tubes. When installed in a conduit, all precautions must be taken to prevent water accumulation in the pipes.


Warning Devices

Warning devices form an important part of any conventional fire alarm system. These warning devices can provide both audible and visual warning signals within a vicinity.

Our range of warning devices includes fire alarm bells, fire alarm sounders, fire alarm beacons, and combined sounder beacons.


Interface Units

These interfaces bridge between release control panels and extinguishant detonators or solenoids. Operating on an external 24 V DC supply, they feature LED indicators for safety and operation.

Housed in weatherproof enclosures, the units facilitate easy system tests and manual resets. Designed for versatility, they integrate seamlessly with various fire control setups, ensuring enhanced safety through continuous monitoring.