Detection Devices

Series 65 Detectors

Heat & Smoke Detectors

The Series 65 range incorporates well-proven sensing technologies, together with advances in materials and electronics technology. Offering a wide operating voltage of 9 to 33 V, the S65 detectors can be integrated into security systems when used with a relay base.


Detection Devices

Series 65 Optical Smoke Detector


Optical smoke detectors incorporate a pulsing LED located in a chamber within the housing of the detector. The chamber is designed to exclude light from any external source.

At an angle to the LED is a photodiode which normally does not register the column of light emitted by the LED. When smoke from a fire enters the chamber, the light pulse from the LED will be scattered and registered by the photodiode. If the photodiode “sees” smoke on the two following pulses, the detector changes into the alarm state, and the indicator LED lights up.

The detector housing has an indicator LED which is clear when in a quiescent state but produces red light in alarm.


Detection Devices

Series 65 Optical Heat Detector


The A1R, BR, and CR (rate-of-rise) heat detectors use two thermistors to sense heat: one exposed to ambient temperature and the other sealed. Under normal conditions, they record similar temperatures. However, in a fire, the exposed thermistor’s temperature rises quickly, causing the detector to alarm. These detectors trigger as temperature rises, but also have an upper limit, alarming if the temperature rise is gradual.

The CS (static response) detector uses a single thermistor, alarming at a preset temperature.

Externally, heat detectors differ from smoke detectors by having wide openings for air circulation around the external thermistor.



Detection Devices

Series 65 Bases


Series 65 bases have been designed to enable detectors to be plugged in without any need for force – a useful feature when fitting to suspended ceilings. All S65 bases have a one-way fit and are lockable.


The S65 relay base incorporates one volt-free changeover contact. It is used for both latching and non-latching applications.

Since the detector operates the base, an S65 Smoke or Heat detector is required for it to function. The base has been designed to operate over a voltage range of 9 V DC to 15 V DC.

Detection Devices


Detection Devices


Series 65 detectors have been tested and approved to the following standards:

Detection Devices



AP-S65-O, AP-S65-H, AP-S65-HBR, AP-S65-HCR, AP-S65-HCS

Detection Devices

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