How Is Room Integrity Testing Done?

Room Integrity Testing Technician

How Is Room Integrity Testing Done? Being that most fire suppression systems operate in total-flooding applications, it’s imperative that an enclosure is able to retain the gaseous agent for long enough to fully extinguish a fire. Room integrity tests are carried out here to assess how well a fire suppression would perform in any given […]

Is Halon Gas Banned?

Eckoshield® 227ea HFC227ea Fire Suppression System Gas Cylinders

Is Halon Gas Banned? Halon gas is a very effective fire extinguishing agent that was used in many fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems. It does, however, have negative environmental impacts which has led to a global intervention in the production and use of this gas. What Is Halon Gas? Halon gas is a chemical […]

Why Are Fire System Specialists Necessary?

Fire System Specialist Services

Fire System Specialist Solutions Fire suppression systems play a crucial role in protecting your commercial facility, critical assets, and occupants of a facility from the risks of fire damage or injury. A fire can spark in an instant and spread out of control within seconds, causing irreparable and costly damage or even injury or loss […]